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706 Knob Hill Redondo Beach (see maps below)

12:15pm to 3:30pm 299r Games and novice (49r)
Partners guaranteed for this game. Easy parking, expect 8+ tables.

Nov. 13 Mine for silver with Sectional Tournament at Clubs (STaC) -- add $2

12:15pm to 3:30pm With Friday, best 499r Games in California!
Game is preceded by an 11:30am bridge lecture and light lunch.
Doors open at 10:30am. Call Jeff (310) 600-4275 24 hours prior to game time to secure a partner.

Nov. 14 STaC + $2

Wednesdays: 12:15pm - 3:30pm Monthly Swiss Teams

Nov. 15 Club Championship Swiss Teams -- averaging 8-10 teams

See Classes Tab for class schedule.

9:30am - 11:30pm 2/1 with Liang Fan, $12
12:15pm - 2:30pm Beginning Bridge, Free through Oct. 26

Oct. 19 9:30am Bidding 2/1 with minors, includes inverted minors
12:15pm Pick and make your contracts and how to finesse
Oct. 26 9:30am Review and 2/1 Quiz
12:15pm Making a slam with less than 32 pts and the value of distribution.

10:00am to 1:25pm 499r and Novice Game averages 17+ tables
Longest running Agile Bridge Club game.
Need a partner? Email 24 hours before game time.

Nov. 17 STaC

See maps below.

Immanuel Lutheran Church
706 Knob Hill Ave
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Click on the map below for directions.

Google Map of 706 Knobb Hill Redondo Beach CA

Google Map of 706 Knobb Hill Redondo Beach CA

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