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2515 Valley Dr.


Thursdays: Easybridge II with 299r
12:15pm 3:15pm...Meet new friends. All are welcome. Modern bidding
Solidify your understanding of basic bidding in this 10 week course. Topics include: hand evaluation,
the modern approach to opening the bidding in 1st and 2nd seat, opening light in 3rd and 4th seat
Responding to the opening bid, opener's and responder's rebid.
Make sure you have a sound bidding foundation to build on!

May 24 Don't stop using Staymen & Jacoby beyond 1 NT openings.
May 31 Weak 2s for Republicans and Democrats
June 7 Playing in the Long Hand after parnter transfers (dummy reversal)
June 14 Overcalls and Cue Bids -- the same class Jeff gave at the LA Regional

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Hermosa Beach Kiwanis Club
2515 Valley Dr.
(corner Gould)

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